Keys of Hope
ACS Mission Appeal 

American Cancer Society Hope Lodge communities provide free, temporary lodging for cancer patients receiving treatment away from home. Hope Lodge guests don’t just find a place to heal – they find a community of support and an emotional connection with others facing the same journey. In short, they find hope. Our Hope Lodge communities reduce financial strain, make treatment more accessible, and improve the quality of life for thousands of families every year. In addition, the Hope Lodge network supports over 235 referring hospitals as well as the local economies in our more than 30 locations. There is no doubt the past year has been challenging for people facing cancer - lack of treatment options, difficulty scheduling doctor appointments, and fear of the coronavirus.

This holiday season, you have a unique opportunity to support our Hope Lodge communities and the people they serve through our Keys of Hope Campaign. When you donate $500 to our Keys of Hope campaign, you can honor a past guest, a loved one, a cancer survivor, or anyone who has been touched by cancer with a commemorative key, in addition to providing financial support to one of our Hope Lodge facilities. Free lodging for people needing cancer treatment is made possible through the generosity of donors, like you, who are committed to helping us reduce barriers to care.