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The American Cancer Society’s Women Leading the Way to Wellness Luncheon focuses on the prevention and early detection of cancer and how women’s health plays a critical role in this area. This is a priority at the American Cancer Society as we forge the way to not only find a cure for cancer but find a way to prevent it. Decreasing cancer occurrences is as important to us as finding a medical cure; though we continue to work tirelessly on both fronts to end cancer for everyone. Since its inception, the event has raised over $1 million.



In 2024, we are thrilled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Women Leading the Way to Wellness.


The Luncheon

In 2014, Women Leading the Way to Wellness began as a breakfast to discuss and learn how women should put their own health first in order to stay well to care for their extended families.


What began as a 130-person event, has grown into a luncheon that will see around 400 attendees in 2024.


While our audience is primarily female, we do have males attend to learn and support the women in their lives. We also bring in a Junior Committee, a group of high school and college students who understand the importance of our mission, and want to help make a difference.


Together, we will celebrate our honorees; those who are doing incredible work through advocacy for early detection and cancer care.

We will listen to the words of speakers who empower us to be our best selves, to not be afraid, and to take care of ourselves in all aspects (physical, mental, emotional).


We will raise funds for the American Cancer Society through our Hands Up for Hope mission, that go towards specific programs. Past funding initiatives include: funding female researchers, Hope Lodge, screening programs.

We will laugh, we will cry, we will leave knowing that we can make a difference in our health.


Choose You

Our mission is to boldly empower women to put their own health first. Women are often the Chief Medical Officers for their families and we need to lead by example. We cannot take care of others if we are not taking care of ourselves.

One in three women will get cancer in her lifetime.

However, we can change those odds by making healthy lifestyle choices through diet, exercise and regular health screenings.

Simply put, we want you to “choose you.”

During the luncheon, we have all attendees complete a “Choose You” postcard and checklist, which is then mailed to them a few months after the event, as a reminder to prioritize their health. This is a great tool for our attendees to use throughout the year as they focus on their health.

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