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Keynote Speaker: Stephanie Szostak

Stephanie Szostak, is a French-American actress, author, and Give an Hour ambassador. She speaks on overcoming failure, being an outsider and living with authenticity. She is best known for her roles in The Devil Wears Prada, the ABC hit series A Million Little Things, Iron Man 3, and Dinner for Schmucks. 


Szostak left her native France to study business and play varsity golf at The College of William & Mary. At twenty-nine years old, after a brief stint at Chanel in New York City, she gave the acting world a try. Ten years in to her career, she suffered from imposter syndrome which pushed her to address her mindset and develop her own Playbook as a daily practice of mental fitness. As part of her commitment to mental health, she wrote SELF!SH, an interactive workbook to empower life learners of all ages in their journey of growth and discovery, with half of her proceeds going to Give an Hour. Szostak is actively working on launching the SELF!SH app in Q4 of 2024. 

Keynote Speaker: Gabby Bernstein

Renowned spiritual teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author Gabby Bernstein has been hailed as a “new thought leader," by Oprah Winfrey. Bernstein is the author of nine bestselling books including The Universe Has Your Back, Super Attractor, and her latest New York Times bestseller, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace. Her empowering perspective and compassionate insights inspired The New York Times to call her, “a role model for a new generation of spiritual seekers.” In 2023 she launched the innovative gabby coaching app allowing her to be your spiritual coach—anytime anywhere. In her weekly podcast, Dear Gabby, she connects with her community and offers insightful, real-time coaching, straight talk, and BIG LOVE. Through her presentations and generous Q&A sessions, Bernstein makes a major impact on individuals and organizations alike, and she has been sought-after by groups such as Google, the AOL Build Series, TED Talks, Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions, and many more.


Bernstein frequently appears on Today and Good Morning America, among others, to share her expertise in meditation, manifestation, and cultivating inner peace. She co-hosted the Guinness World Records’ largest guided meditation with Deepak Chopra, and was named as one of Oprah’s “SuperSoul 100” – a dynamic group of trailblazers whose vision and life’s work are bringing a higher level of consciousness to the world. Bernstein is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, offering a profound message of peace that resonates with audiences of all kinds. For more, visit

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